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It’s never not worth it

ABRSM's Chief Examiner, John Holmes, encourages us to take advantage of any opportunity to practise, no matter how little time we have.

Bach to Bossa

Tuned percussion repertoire has enjoyed huge expansion and development over the last 20 to 25 years.

Learn to drum at home with just a bucket and wooden spoons!

You don’t need lots of fancy equipment to develop your sense of rhythm. Tees Valley Music Service and Phil McPharlane (or Mr Drum as he’s affectionately known) has produced several tutorial-style videos to teach newcomers bucket drumming.

Percussion repertoire and performance tips at Grades 6 to 8

If you’re taking your Grade 6, 7 or 8 Percussion exam, then there’s some excellent repertoire available, covering some well-known percussion classics alongside some brilliant new compositions.

The importance of internalising music

In this short film, teacher and ABRSM examiner Louise Matthew talks about why it’s important to internalise music when you’re learning a piece.


ABRSM are delighted to be supporting NYJO’s Virtual Academy as part of our ongoing partnership. To date, this has seen us working together on a wide range of projects exploring jazz, improvisation, creative composition and communication.

Sing Up home schooling resources

With so many children and young people now staying at home, Sing Up wants to ensure that they are still able to experience the benefits of singing.

Double Bass: Boccherini Minuetto

Sophie Roper shares some tips for teaching Boccherini’s Minuetto from the Grade 2 Double Bass syllabus.

Ideas for using the voice

As a teacher, your speaking voice is one of your most powerful tools. Lincoln shares some tips on how to use your voice effectively.

How to avoid teacher burnout

So what actually is burnout? Is it physical or emotional or a mix of the two? How does it come about and what can you do about it?

Double Bass: Adagio and Allegro from Sonata in G by Marcello

Double Bass player and teacher Sophie Roper shares her teaching tips for this Grade 6 piece.

Snare Drum: the bedrock of a percussion’s education

Snare drum teacher Rob Farrer explores ABRSM’s new Percussion Syllabus.

Personal bests and mini outcomes

Some thoughts on your pupils’ practice in these unprecedented times.

Gabriel Lee’s online teaching tips

Gabriel Lee is well accustomed to teaching online. As a music educator, Gabriel seeks to innovate and incorporate technology in his teaching.

Transitioning to online teaching

ISM member and music teacher (harp, piano and whistle) Pippa Reid-Foster sets out her steps for transitioning to online teaching so you can use her experience as your starting point.

Copyright – where you stand as an online musician

Many musicians have been taking advantage of online technology to carry on earning a living through their musical activities during the COVID-19 pandemic

Becoming an online musician

ISM member, classical guitarist and teacher Craig Ogden shares his experiences of moving to performing and teaching online since COVID-19 hit the UK.

Using iPads in music making

The Drake Music Think22 team have been working hard on creating a free guide to using iPads as instruments for creative music-making.

Can slow practice ever be exciting?

Most pupils equate slow with boring. But if we can help those pupils to enjoy a bit more active engagement with their practice, we can begin to change this age-old attitude.

Encouraging curiosity

What place does curiosity have in music education? Find out what ABRSM’s Executive Director of Strategic Development, Lincoln Abbotts, has to say on the subject.

Using Zoom for online music lessons

ABRSM staff who teach in their spare time found this article useful, explaining how to change settings on Zoom to cater slightly better for the needs of music lessons.

Developing internal awareness of pitch

Jessy O’Leary shares her tips for helping students to develop their internal awareness of pitch.

Paul Harris on practice

As part of our challenge to begin changing our pupils’ practice mindsets, let’s begin to challenge them with some questions they need to ask themselves as they set out on their short practice sessions.

How to set up your home studio for online music lessons

Gabriel Lee is well accustomed to teaching online. As a music educator, Gabriel seeks to innovate and incorporate technology into his teaching.

Jessica O’Leary gives her Tchaikovsky teaching tips

ABRSM Examiner and Violinist Jessica O’Leary shares some teaching tips on Tchaikovsky’s Chanson Triste.

An effective practitioner is a reflective practitioner

The Becoming a Better Music Teacher course provides ideas on how to improve your teaching strategies and skills. Join us from April 6th for this online course.

Taking Root

ABRSM has music at its core. In this article, our colleagues Philippa and Lincoln talk about how we engage and support the freelance workforce.

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