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隆重推出新考试 Singing for Musical Theatre 第1-3级。

  • 2018年10月4日——在线发布第1-3级曲目列表。
  • 2019年1月——可在全球范围内参加Singing for Musical Theatre考试。
  • 更高级别的考试将于2019年秋天推出。

为什么要参加Singing for Musical Theatre考试?


“全新的Singing for Musical Theatre考纲为年幼的学生提供绝佳机会,让他们表演、学习、练习,以及最重要的 —— 享受乐趣。考纲曲目在多个方面充满挑战,包括曲风、表达、通过歌曲表演、不同的声乐素质和技巧等。曲目列表提供了各种选择,鼓励学生探索新曲目。” Rachel Lyske 英国学校老师和ABRSM 顾问。.

参与我们全新的Singing for Musical Theatre(音乐剧声乐考试),演唱自己喜爱的歌曲,同时培养音乐剧技能,让你在排练、试音和演出现场大显身手。在这一过程中,你还将收获宝贵的相关技能——不仅在音乐创作方面,也包括生活方面。

ABRSM首席考官John Holmes说:

“和研发其他考纲一样,我们以极为谨慎的态度对这个音乐体裁进行评估,从而创造出清晰、完善、循序渐进的学习途径。Singing for Musical Theatre是ABRSM的新考试,这个‘新’是相对于现有考试科目的‘新’,而从ABRSM的长项来讲,则是大家熟悉的——以行之有效的原则评分,为学生的音乐成长奠定坚实的基础、为他们的音乐成就提供可靠的里程碑。”







Being able to sight-read unfamiliar music is one of those skills that every singer should have. It helps you to join in more easily, learn things more quickly and access all kinds of music for yourself. It could help you to step into a new role at short notice, access session work and much more.

In the exam, the examiner will present you with a short piece of music that you haven’t seen before. We’ve designed all the sight-singing pieces to be relevant to Musical Theatre singers. They are in attractive, accessible styles with optional words in English. Each short piece starts with a piano introduction consisting of the final bars of the piece you are going to sing. The piano part either doubles (Grades 1 – 2) or supports (Grade 3) the melody line throughout, so you can use your musical instinct to find the tune, as well as reading it.

Aural training develops your musical ‘ear’. Having a strong musical ear helps you to feel a pulse, keep in time and understand harmonies and melody lines. These are important skills when you have to pick up tunes quickly with limited rehearsal time. Musical theatre singers are often very strong in this area and our tests give you the chance to demonstrate that.

In the exam, the examiner will play you some short melodies, rhythms, and pieces of music to respond to. Some are for you to join in with or copy and some are for you to notice changes or general features such as loud/quiet, fast/slow etc.



  • 有伴奏歌曲——每首歌曲满分30分
  • 无伴奏歌曲——满分21分
  • 视唱测试——满分21分
  • 听力测试——满分18分


  • 100-119分:合格
  • 120-129分:良好
  • 130分以上:优秀(提示起立鼓掌




Aural Trainer

Award-winning aural practice application from ABRSM - now available for Grades 1-8


Speedshifter allows you to alter the tempo of music without altering the pitch. Ideal for practising slowly!


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